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In the simplest of terms, a Search Engine sees a link from another website to your website as being like a vote of confidence in your web site...

Search Engines believe that if other websites are linking to your web pages, you must have something good to link to and they will rate your page being linked to more positively.

Search Engine robots or "spiders" (think of them as micro browsers) continuously travel virally from web site to web site following links like an enormous daisy chain; in fact Search Engines initially discover your web site via a link from another web site.

When it comes to link building you need to remember that a Search Engine’s prime function is to deliver highly relevant results, not some mysterious pharmaceutical products when you are searching for those “hand made chocolates from Brazil”.

Search Engines today take into consideration several additional factors other than just the number of links when rating Inbound Links to your site:

- the reputation or “Trust” value of sites linking to your web site
- the Theme or Relevance of sites linking to you
- the “Anchor Text” (the words that the link is embedded behind) in links to your site

Once your web site has been found, each page of your site is then ranked by Search Engines based on a complex set of criteria known as an algorithm; a piece of computer code that takes into consideration on-site and off-site factors collected by the robots or spiders. Data is then assembled, collated and evaluated in order to come up with a Page Score or Rank. This is how a search engine determines which sites to present when someone types in “best digital camera” or “New York hotel near Wall Street”.

All things being equal, when two web sites have similar structure and content, the site with the best links will be served up first. Note that we wrote “best links” not “most links”. Some time ago, a site with the “most links” would have won out, however, today the focus is on relevance, quality and trust. Search Engines may be blind to images, they are not blind to webmasters manipulating their algorithms. They are continuously fine tuning their spiders to exclude web sites that attempt to “fudge” a Search Engine’s results.

Over the years we have developed a proprietary database of  web sites, across a wide range of subjects and industries. Based on our relationship and the trust we have built up with each webmaster, each site is happy to link to the trusted, on-theme and relevant web sites of our clients using recommended anchor text. A relevant subset of this database forms the core of an Inbound Link Building campaign.

We then add to this core through researching your market and identifying web sites from your suppliers, industry associations, local businesses and trusted on-theme reference sites, as well as competitor websites, that are likely to be open to linking to your web site. We prefer to develop one-way Inbound Links but exchanging links with highly relevant and trusted websites may also form a small part of the plan.

We then hand submit to these sources via our contacts in a highly personal way, often by a quick phone call, providing link details, site description and preferred anchor text.

Adding links requires persistence and patience and you just can’t hurry along the Search Engines’ recognition of these links. Also, adding too many links too quickly can result in a Search Engine ignoring the links and even penalising your web site and dropping it from their index.

Yes, short term results can be achieved through certain “black hat” Inbound Link building techniques and we have seen them all…but the risk of having your web site banned from Google, Yahoo or Bing, is just too great. The Search Engines employ some of the smartest software engineers on the planet and they are light years ahead of anything you or we could think up to fool them.

Remember, the search engines want link building to be hard as it is a cricial part of their quality assessment of your website so. If someone offers you a link building offer that sounds too good to be true, it probably is we know how hard genuine link building really is.

Our link building activities are conducted as part of an overall SEO strategy, either as part of a Custom SEO Consultancy or as a key component in our SEO Packages. Lead by our Link Strategist, our in-house Link Development Analysts work closely with our SEO Business Analysts to secure high quality, on-theme links from authority websites that are specifically relevant to your own website. It is a challenging and demanding task but, when effectively and professionally managed, link building will produce significant uplift in your Search Engine rankings...which means more traffic and more revenues.

Our company delivers innovative SEO services on time and on budget. As a leading SEO agency, we have a clear track record of search engine optimisation success for our clients. Our marketing strategies and web design techniques are ideal for your website SEO needs, we look forward to working with you.

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