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Unfortunately, not all websites are built to be Search Engine-friendly. SEO Audit classifies the opportunities and issues that may lay within your website’s overall Search Engine profile and examines technical fundamentals, on-page elements and off-page essentials so as to determine the likely success of any planned SEO activities.

We offer several SEO Audit options for you to consider:

SEO Fundamentals Audit - a checklist of your current website, rankings and competition
SEO Strategic Audit – includes a complete step by step review plus recommendations to resolve issues and maximise opportunities that may be discovered

SEO Audit sets a benchmark and starting point from which to plan your SEO strategies. Unlike many “free SEO Audit” offers, these are not off-the-shelf, machine-generated reports. Each is undertaken by one of our highly experienced SEO Business Analysts and is tailored to the unique circumstances surrounding your particular web site.

SEO Fundamentals Audit

Developed to suit ecommerce or more complex web sites and usually completed prior to any Custom SEO Program, an SEO Fundamentals Audit follows a comprehensive checklist aimed at identifying SEO opportunities and issues that may impact on the success of any SEO activity.

Included in the checklist are items such as:
  • Hosting/IP address check – does your site share it’s hosting with any non-complementary sites
  • Number of pages indexed – versus number of page actually published
  • CMS (Content Management System) review – can the CMS produce search engine-friendly code, internal linking, unique title and meta tags etc
  • Title tag and meta tag structural review
  • Analytics setup including Google Analytics script check
  • Search Engine verification and Webmaster Tools review
  • Robots.txt check, on-page sitemap and XML sitemap check
  • Statistical and competitor benchmarking
  • Preliminary keyword ranking report for top 25 keyword phrases
  • Linking and anchor text profile review

SEO Strategic Audit (including Review and Recommendations)

SEO Strategic Audit gets into the nitty gritty details of your website infrastructure.

In addition to the checklist review undertaken in an SEO Fundamentals Audit, an SEO Strategic Audit examines how your website generates its content, database issues, site speed/page load issues, a more detailed review of internal and external linking, a strategic review of competing websites and their advantages and disadvantages and more. We also include a generous allowance of time for your SEO Business Analyst to explore specific and vital issues or opportunities unique to your website that result from the discovery process.

The resulting SEO Strategic Audit Report not only identifies the issues and opportunities discovered but also includes recommendations as to how to resolve any problems plus offers advice on new initiatives that will improve your site’s overall Search Engine visibility, rankings and traffic.

Our company delivers innovative SEO services on time and on budget. As a leading SEO agency, we have a clear track record of search engine optimisation success for our clients. Our marketing strategies and web design techniques are ideal for your website SEO needs, we look forward to working with you.

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