Blackberry App Development

Outstanding business approach with Blackberry apps

Though BlackBerry platform is very popular these days but it is quiet challenging to deal with this platform. It is mainly common with the business people. Whether you are looking for a business related application or an enterprise application we are the Blackberry application experts you should talk to.

We are Elixir Media, Blackberry application development services based in London. Businesses preferring Blackberry for their communication purposes, Elixir Media has developed a handful of business related mobile applications on the BlackBerry OS. In addition to the ability of the BlackBerry devices to access emails, calendar and messaging, Blackberry applications built by Elixir Media enable secure access to the enterprise servers. We have a hard-working team of app developers working on Blackberry platform.

We at Elixir Media, have the talented and experienced app development team to ensure you the best use of your Blackberry applications making the best use of your BlackBerry’s unique features. The applications we develop are build to take the full advantage of the features of the BlackBerry smart phones like camera, phone integrating it with the BlackBerry applications like address book and BlackBerry Maps. Our team of BlackBerry app developers is highly experienced with BlackBerry enterprise servers, Widget SKD, JDE, APIs and relevant third party technologies that are important to make an application scalable and useful.

Along with the business applications, we also help you with the different entertainment apps, networking and messaging apps. We will assist you throughout the entire software development including planning and development of your application.