POS - Point of Sale

POS (point of sale) is a fully functional Retail EPOS web based till system that directly integrate to your e-commerce website. It’s exclusive, powerful and a ‘must have’ for retail store owners wanting a seamless link between their Retail Store and online e-commerce store.

Simplify EPOS

  • Seamlessly synchronises with your back end systems. No integration work needed so you can get up and running EPOS with no technical skills
  • Automatically updates inventory and accounts so you can just go home at the end of the day and let EPOS to take for every thing
  • Integrates with ecommerce website so you can have a truly multi-channel retail operation in one EPOS system
  • Separate access capability so users can access EPOS without needing login to the backend systems
  • Supports barcode scanners
  • Support thermal printers so you can print receipts straight from EPOS with single click
  • Capture customer information from within your EPOS system

Customise EPOS

  • Supports multiple tills
  • You can discount prices on the fly from EPOS Sales Screen
  • Ability to enter custom item defining name and price of a sale
  • EPOS has quick add functionality for popular products to be sold in only two clicks

Elixir's point of sale - POS software comes totally integrated with your back office systems so you don't need any additional technical capabilities in order to get your EPOS up and running. Just plug in and you are ready to start selling in minutes. Whenever you do make a sale, your accounts and inventory will be automatically updated. You no longer need to perform lengthy data transfers at the end of the day. Once the shop is closed you get to go straight home.

Our point of sale - POS software can also be combined with ecommerce website so that you can have a truly multi-channel retail operation. Your ecommerce website and shop are perfectly aligned working effortlessly out of the same EPOS stock control system. If you sell something in store then the stock levels on your site will be instantly updated so you will never offer a product that you no longer have in stock.

Don't want your shop floor staff having access to your back-end systems? No problem. Elixir's point of sale - POS software can be accessed entirely independently of the rest of the system. Staff can be assigned a login number that restricts their access to the portal directly on the shop floor. This login number also means that you are able to track which staff sold what and when giving you useful insight into their performance.

Save time and reduce errors at the till by using barcodes on your products. You can generate barcodes from within Elixir's stock control system which will then be instantly recognisable by the point of sale - POS software. Thermal printers are also supported so once a purchase is made you can print out receipt for your customers. You can even capture your customers details from with the point of sale - POS system and these details will be automatically entered into your CRM.

Elixir's point of sale software supports multiple price lists so you are able to use the same point of sale system whether you are selling your products to retail customers or to trade ones. It also supports multiple departments and you can have multiple tills. So however your business is structured Elixir's point of sale software is flexible enough to handle it.

Want to offer a customer a discount? Easy peasy, you have the ability to edit items at the point of sale changing the price as you see fit. In fact Elixir's point of sale software is so adaptable that you can enter a custom product into the system at any time you like defining both name of item and the price. This will still all be logged into your back-end office so you will be able to track what was sold when and at what price.

If you have products that are extremely popular you have the ability to assign them as "quick add" items. These products then appear in a list on the till itself. So it is a matter of just two clicks for you or your staff to make the sale.

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